Birthed out of a desire to empower the field of healthcare with the best medical solutions available, Share Ambition envisions revolutionizing the field of healthcare.

Share Ambition is committed to providing the finest medical resources, medical solutions, establishing oncological centers, building and maintaining strategic multi-dimensional partnerships across the board.

Towards this initiative, Share Ambition aims to launch Early Detection Centers, which can be further developed into a one-stop foundation for all oncological solutions.

Additionally, Share Ambition works towards helping existing medical organizations across Sri Lanka establish their own Cancer Care Centers. Our organization also provides state-of-the-art medical equipment to healthcare centers and medical establishments. 
Share Ambition is a joint initiative of Ambition Healthcare that spearheads the Chinese Chapter of Cancer Care Commission of the Oxford University and Susila Holdings.

Share Ambition and its movement is supported by multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional medical professionals and establishments with access to reputed research facilities and laboratories across the globe.  



Susila Holdings made its first steps to winning the hearts of Sri Lanka 36 years ago, successfully capturing 96% of its population with its production arm, Susila Productions. Producing some of the well-known television and cinematic works the likes of “Doodaruwo”, “Yashodaraavaya” and “Naedaeyo”. This prestigious establishment won recognition across the globe as the first production company in South East Asia to produce a long-running television series. 

Today Susila Holdings has expanded its horizons to a spectrum of fields, including technology, IT, training, marketing, real estate, healthcare and welfare. 


Founded in 2016, Ambition Healthcare works as a medical solution provider with a vast network of medical establishments. Its affiliation and close relationship with the Caner Care Commission of The Oxford University has enabled them to take epoch-making initiatives in the healthcare sector. With top-notch, high-quality resources and a network of multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional medical professionals, Ambition Healthcare has expanded its works to United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.