On going Projects of Share Ambition in partnership with Ambition Healthcare and its affiliation to the Cancer Care Commission of The Oxford University.


With a pandemic running rampant causing a catastrophic impact globally to all alike, Share Ambition has taken the initiative to help take proactive measures to flatten the curve. With revolutionary equipment, the likes of NanoSPR and Portable Immunoassay Analyzer, Share Ambition hopes to make COVID19 virus detection movements simplified and efficient.

The products and equipment we have introduced towards this are the first of their kind. The NanoSPR machine can test 96 samples within 15 minutes, while the Portable Immunoassay Analyzer is a one-step rapid viral particle detection device. These instruments are affordable, susceptible, ensuring accurate readings, easy to operate, and need no special testing environment requirements.


In partnership with Ambition Healthcare and its affiliation to the Cancer Care Commission of The Oxford University, Share Ambition hopes to establish Early Detection Centers across Sri Lanka. By activating this initiative, we will be able to minimalize the devastating impact caused by cancer.

By detecting cancer earlier on, the medication and clinical treatment that follows will be more effective. This, along with the rehabilitating procedures, can help minimizing further relapses, thus saving lives. We hope to expand our upcoming Early Detection Centers further to Clinical Treatments Units that will provide Rehabilitation and Palliative Care services. 


The Cancer Care Units initiative of Share Ambition was established with the vision of setting up oncological centers in medical establishments that currently do not provide oncological services. Within this capacity, Share Ambition can offer top-of-the-line medical technologies and equipment, establish result-driven business models, operation management systems, training and educational programs with periodical evaluations to ensure a productive outcome. 


The Assembling Plant of Share Ambition is an effort towards a local production model where equipment such as the NanoSPR can be assembled and distributed across the country from its central plant. This initiative will make our technologies and equipment easily accessible and affordable for the medical organizations in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, it will also create a variety of career opportunities for many.