Share Ambition has taken initiatives to advance the field of healthcare with a particular focus on oncology.

It inventories the latest medical technologies, equipment and resources that are now made available in Sri Lanka. The services of Share Ambition branches out to consultancy services, operational support to existing and up and coming medical institutions, training and education of medical practitioners and healthcare professionals and access to research databases and facilities across the board. 
With a wealth of knowledge and operations know-how, Share Ambition provides expert direction and guidance to medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, operating medical institutions and newly established organizations in:

  1. Developing a state-of-the-art Oncology sector
  2. Upgrade the current oncology departments to internationally
    acknowledged oncological operations
  3. Restructure oncological organizations in the aspects of
    • Early Detection
    • Clinical Treatment
    • Rehabilitation
    • Palliative Care
  4. Education Modules and Training Programs
  5. Quality Improvement, Equipment knowledge and know-how

With establishment that wishes to implement Cancer Care Units with the help of Share Ambition, our organization provides support in the aspects of:

  1. Concept Design
  2. Operations Management
  3. Establishment of Clinical Centers
  4. Medical organizations to achieve their goals in the aspects of
    • Early Detection
    • Clinical Treatment
    • Rehabilitation
    • Palliative Care
  5. Education modules and Training programs
  6. Quality Improvement
  7. Equipment knowledge and know-how

With a wealth of expertise under its belt, Share Ambition has fine-tuned education and training programs to ensure maximum benefits. Additionally, our network enables us to organize international summits and conferences that healthcare professionals in Sri Lanka can benefit from. Our capacity in education and training extends to: 

  1. Global and Local Forums and Conference
  2. Training programs for existing medical establishments
  3. Training programs for independent individuals (local and overseas)
  4. Continued Education
  5. Certification
  6. Overseas programs for scholars to further develop their skills
  7. Periodical Evaluations